BEYOND THE SCHNITZEL: WTF – What’s the issue with our food system?

16-18 h, WeltTellerFeld, Schilfweg 20c, 1220 Vienna
Free Entry! Snacks and Drinks provided
Our globalized food system at a glance: join an excursion to the “WeltTellerFeld” project in Vienna.
At the educational project “WeltTellerFeld„ in 1220 Vienna we will experience food consumption in Austria, the area and resources required for its production and the challenges which come with it. We will learn about this in a very practical way: on 3000m2 the project visualizes the land use and agricultural crops behind the average annual food consumption in Austria. But besides the challenges we will look at (and taste) possible sustainable solutions in our individual consumption as well as the food system. Details

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